Capstone Blog

Week4 (9/16/19) – SQL

This week, I focused on the database functions on a local test MSSQL instance. I have written stored procedures to minimize IIS load and better organize code. There are stored procedures for creating an account, deleting an account, creating a course, deleting a course, and updating a course.

Week 3 (9/9/19) – First Demo Publish

The demo site is now live at This is a new address, because my last hosting provider had no support for .NET 4.8. The site is now hosted by GoDaddy, and I have a new $0.95 domain name. Nothing has changed in the hosting tech, except for the code support. I finally decided on a Bootstrap theme; The project now uses Cosmo, by Bootswatch. I’ve created and (mostly) populated the demo pages with controls. I have also setup some basic C# and SQL for account creation, complete with password hashing.

Week 2 (9/2/19) – Initial Project Setup

This week, I set up the hosting, DB, and the VS project. Before I create the full project, I am going to create a few prototypes; These prototypes will be demonstrating Prof / Student login, course creation, and file upload. These prototypes, if satisfactory, will be used in the full project.

Week 1 (8/26/19) – Introduction

For my capstone project I will basically be creating an online learning platform, similar to LinkedIn Learning or Udemy. The site will be ASP.NET with C# code-behind, using Bootstrap CSS for the bulk of the site design; I will be using my existing hosting provider for a remote IIS server and SQL database. I will be using a subdomain of a $0.95 domain that I own. I would use a normal domain, but I am using the domain to host 3 projects currently, and while domains cost money, subdomains of my domains are free!

Source code repo: